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Got Backup

Got Backup – Save your precious memories and get paid

I am a photography “nut” and take a huge amount of photos everywhere I go. I especially like faces (I hope to have a showcase online, soon).

My favourite faces are the grandkids’! Unfortunately, my laptop had an unrecoverable crash last spring, and I discovered, too late, that my desktop portable backup had stopped doing autobackups sometime in early December, 2014, plus Google Drive had stopped synchronizing, and I lost all my Christmas pictures with all our kids and grandkids together.  Ugh!

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What I discovered about my 1 Tb portable hard drive is that when it does a standard backup, it copies everything on your computer.  It does that as often as you have set it to back up the computer, which would be fine, except that it stores every backup.  It doesn’t dump anything, which means it takes a surprisingly short time to fill it.  Therefore you need to regularly dump old files to make room for the new ones.

Secondly, a desktop hard drive can stop backing up for quite a number of reasons, including software errors on it, software errors on your computer and power failures.  Any of these can create errors so that it’s not doing what you think it’s doing. Continue Reading →

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