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Advertising Gold, the online newspaper

Advertising is something every business MUST do, or die.  Literally.  It doesn’t matter whether you are in the virtual online world, or in the brick and mortar world.  You simply have to tell people who and where you are.

One good way to advertise that is often overlooked is via and online newspaper.

There are a number of platforms to choose from.   You can find literally dozens of WordPress Plugins to create your own newspaper, but my favourite, by far, is not a plugin.  It is a standalone online newspaper platform called,

Advertising Gold

With this platform, all the heavy lifting is done for you, and all you really need to do is go through, choose your preferences, and then just promote it on social media, email signature files, comment signature files, etc.

I went for the premium setup, on my own domain.  You can get the same thing here.  Domains aren’t expensive any more, and you can easily register a domain of your own for just a few dollars.  There are many places to register a domain for very little.  Then get it set up with for a very small monthly subscription.  I love it.

The first thing I really liked about was the ease in getting set up.  The have videos quite literally for everything, so if you need to know more about what or how to do anything, look for the video link.  They walk you through the whole process step by step, and you end up with a beautiful thing!

Advertising gold.  That’s what your newspaper really is.  As a premium owner, or in other words, with my own domain name, I can embed beautiful ads, including banners, videos and entire mobile friendly web pages into my paper.  I can put a gorgeous header at the top, linked to anything I like, if I want, and have the complete control to update or change it any time I want.

But there’s even more advertising gold…  As a premium newspaper owner, I have a newsletter that is automatically sent out to my subscribers, for me.  I can put anything I like in that newsletter.  I can also send a short message every time I publish a new edition, which in my case is daily.  (You can choose how often you want to publish, too.)

Fresh content gets curated and pulled into my paper, every single day, pulled in from sources I choose on the internet.  (I can update or change my sources any time I like.)  Every time a new edition comes out, the system automatically announces to my friends on Facebook and Twitter that a new edition is out.

I do all this totally hands off.  I set it and forget it, sometimes not doing anything on the site for days or even weeks, other than checking the headlines for my own reading pleasure.  Everything is totally automatic.  Since the news is always fresh, and people love news, I get lots of visitors.  Over time, I get more and more subscribers, too, and some of them retweet or share the notices from when my new daily edition comes out!  That’s the advertising gold power of viral marketing, and I don’t have to do anything!

You can have an online newspaper, too, and if you’re marketing online, I highly recommend it.  It is one of the only things I know of that you can set up so inexpensively (don’t make the mistake of setting up a free account – that’s just doing free branding for and nothing for yourself)!

Take some time, choose a good name for your paper that reflects your interests, register a domain as close as you can to your newspaper name, and get started with a premium account.  Like me, you will be amazed at how inexpensive it it, and how essential it becomes for all your online promotion.

Thank you for reading.  I hope you find this your own advertising gold.  Please leave a comment below and let us know you were here.

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