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Got Backup – Save your precious memories and get paid

I am a photography “nut” and take a huge amount of photos everywhere I go. I especially like faces (I hope to have a showcase online, soon).

My favourite faces are the grandkids’! Unfortunately, my laptop had an unrecoverable crash last spring, and I discovered, too late, that my desktop portable backup had stopped doing autobackups sometime in early December, 2014, plus Google Drive had stopped synchronizing, and I lost all my Christmas pictures with all our kids and grandkids together.  Ugh!

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What I discovered about my 1 Tb portable hard drive is that when it does a standard backup, it copies everything on your computer.  It does that as often as you have set it to back up the computer, which would be fine, except that it stores every backup.  It doesn’t dump anything, which means it takes a surprisingly short time to fill it.  Therefore you need to regularly dump old files to make room for the new ones.

Secondly, a desktop hard drive can stop backing up for quite a number of reasons, including software errors on it, software errors on your computer and power failures.  Any of these can create errors so that it’s not doing what you think it’s doing.

I thought I could solve the problem by relying way more heavily on cloud storage – aka – Google Drive.  Unfortunately, when you take as many photos as I do, you fill it in just about no time.  So… I did the only sensible thing and upgraded (which is what they want you to do).  I went for the 1 Terrabyte plan, at $9.99 per month.

Here are Google Drive’s plans:

Storage plans

You can upgrade your storage plan for a monthly fee. Your upgraded plan will be your new total storage limit. For example, if you upgrade to 1TB, your storage limit is 1TB (not 1TB + 15GB of free storage). There are no annual plans available at this time.

Total storageMonthly rate
15 GBFree
100 GB$1.99
1 TB$9.99
10 TB$99.99
20 TB$199.99
30 TB$299.99



But then I discovered ANOTHER challenge.  In order for me to continuously synchronize my computer with my Google Drive, I have to tell it to synchronize, but what I didn’t realize THAT means is that not only does it copy everything to cloud storage, which is what I wanted, but it ALSO copies everything to a Google Drive file on my computer, meaning I end up using up hard drive space for totally redundant backup like crazy!

The only way to prevent this that I found was to STOP synchronizing my computer with Google Drive.  The problem with THAT is that when you stop synching, you have to remember EVERY TIME you add a new file, photo, video, music, etc., to save it to your ONLINE Google Drive.

I’m now using something called Got Backup, and am thrilled to say, after monitoring it for a few months during testing, that it automatically and completely backs up ALL the files I want ALL the time.  Furthermore, it’s cheaper than Google and has UNLIMITED storage.

I back up all my document files, picture files and music files. I could back up the entire computer, but why bother, right?

The real beauty of the Got Backup cloud storage is its “set it and forget it” technology.  Once I downloaded the little program to my computer, it quickly set everything up, let me customize what I wanted to back up, and now it backs up everything silently in the background.  No more do I have to worry about synching or clogging up my hard drive with redundant files.

But it doesn’t end there.  When I first came across Got Backup, I thought it was just another cloud storage platform.  I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

Not only is it better and less expensive than any other cloud storage I have found;  it ALSO has a truly lucrative affiliate program with a 92% retention rate for those involved!  This is NOT your every day affiliate program and people are really excited about it.

This is what you get when someone who is very successful as an online marketer, as Joel Therien is, sees a big need (from personal experience losing irreplaceable photos) and does something about it.  Got Backup owns their own servers and has their own secure, air conditioned place.  With full redundant backups of your backups, you won’t find a better place to keep all your precious memories and documents safe.

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